The Best Podcasts Of 2020

A podcast is one of the best ways to get the right information about news and other things which can create for good communication. There are many podcasts out there who are just wasting your time as they have nothing new to offer. Here are some of the best podcasts which have established the right way in the year 2020.

The rewatchables

Quentin Tarantino is someone who has a lot to offer and it is not just limited to his film. The podcast proves that the roundtable chat between him and the celebrities can make you think about the change. This is a podcast which revolves around cinema where a lot of importance was given to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Tony Scott’s Unstoppable.


This is an award-winning podcast which will allow you to have some of the best storytelling experience. This is the perfect retelling of the 1983 heist which was the best when it comes to true crimes podcast and is also one of the darker versions. This is a story about Annie, who was a 30-year-old found dead in Ayrshire, Scotland. The investigation is not yet conclusive and the family is still searching for the truth.


If you are into the radio drama, this is going to be your jam. This is a normal wind of constantly grunting and signing. This is one podcast where you feel like the characters are walking into the rooms as they describe their absence or presence. There is a lot of norms when it comes to radio drama as it is described as the audio to the Black Mirror. The story revolves around a soldier who has witnessed a lot of events which has begun to change him. The plot itself might feel very floaty and cosmic but can add to very futuristic stories.

The Greatest Game

The idea of this podcast is pretty simple where Jamie Carragher sits down and has a chat about the football game. Each guest has their part to play as people have to decide on the team and pick sides. The most admirable quality is the way they bring in their guests. Some of their guests include Niall Horan, Martin Compston, Paddy McGuinness, etc.

Sleeping with David Baddiel

David Baddiel has done a lot as he suffers from insomnia. The podcast is with Dr Guy Leschziner, who has the intention to reach people and tell them the way they need to sleep. There are many matters which allow them to sleep and also help with the quality of sleep. They also talk about a wide range of health benefits which can probably be worth your time and investment.