Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts of 2020

Perhaps you are thinking of affiliate marketing as a passive income channel or something significant to generate the bulk of your income in 2020.

Well, you are not alone. We know the right affiliate marketing training programs will set you on the right track and have chosen to put this piece out there.

Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Picture Of Top Affiliate Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts are a great and efficient way to get acquainted with affiliate marketing. So here are the top affiliate marketing podcasts in 2020.

1. 0 to 4K | Affiliate Marketing Journey

This podcast details the experiences of a 37-year-old affiliate marketer. This podcast broadcast five-time yearly gives you an insight into the journey of this marketer who aims to graduate from making at least four thousand dollars monthly to making it a full-time job.

The podcast is

2. Matt McWilliams | Affiliate Launches Made Simple

Matt is an affiliate marketer who gives insight on affiliate marketing generally, how to manage it, and helpful tips on launching products. His podcast comes up once a week on and is usually very informative.

You will benefit a lot from his audio, where he gives viable information on affiliate promos for 2020 and the strategies to access them.

3. Your Affiliate Marketing Mentor

This podcast should make your 2020 economic resolution. The host, Angela Davis, dishes out strategies to help affiliate marketers make the most of their businesses.

She exposes them to working methods to improve their marketing techniques, grows their customer base, and fatten their pockets. She produces at least seven episodes per year on youraffiliatemarketingmentor.

4. This Is Affiliate Marketing With Shawn Collins

Affiliate marketing goes beyond the marketer and the producers you see on the surface to include those who work in the background to keep the tides flowing.

The cabin consists of the POM companies, merchants (or advertisers), publishers (or affiliates), and the affiliate network. Shawn hosts affiliate experts on each episode.

His guests cut across the different aspects of affiliate marketing. The podcast is

5. Affiliate Marketing Radio

This podcast is an eye-opener on the secret of affiliate marketing. The host, Darren Graham, holds nothing back in revealing the dos and don’ts of the trade.

He delivers strategies for multiplying traffic flow to your affiliate deals and generating more income through ads. The podcast is

6. Outperform podcast | Affiliate and Business Marketing Podcast

This platform educates newbies on what affiliate marketing is and how to create good partnerships and leverage in them to grow in the field.

You also get to know the secret to getting and keeping customers and boosting your sales. The podcast is and boasts of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

7. Affiliate Buzz with James Martell

James Martell is an affiliate marketer with years of experience and podcast episodes that have helped many affiliate marketers get their hands on the right methods.

Through his podcasts, James dishes out information on the right tools and tricks in the field. If you want to rise to greater heights in the rating of affiliate marketers, these podcasts should not be missing in your schedule.

8. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Online marketing gets better and more relaxed with Pat Flynn. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the trade, this podcast has the information you will need at every step of your journey.

The episode, “Affiliate Marketing the SMART Way—How to Stop Hoping and Start Earning” is a necessity for everyone.

9. Late Night Internet Marketing With Mark Mason

Most people who are new to affiliate marketing often find it difficult. Mark Mason steps up and walks you through the new terrains. His podcast is devoted to people who do online marketing as a side hustle.

He is generous with information on how to keep the side cash flowing. With this podcast, your success story is sure.

10. Marketing Secrets With Russell Brunson

Russell Runson has years of experience and has worked for some of the big names in the trade. His sales record runs in millions, and yours can, too, if you stay glued to his podcasts.

Russell focuses primarily on “Funnel hacking.” Episodes of Marketing Secrets will show the way to the top in this field.

With these affiliate marketing podcasts, you cannot go wrong. You get the most useful information and tips on the field. These podcasts are run by the best people of affiliate marketing with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

You learn how to improve your reach and grow your followers and email list. With these podcasts, you will be exposed to strategies to improve your sales and create a niche for yourself as a successful affiliate marketer.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For the sake of those wondering what affiliate marketing is, let’s break it down. In marketing products, there is usually a chain from the manufacturer to the buyer.

Some people and companies market goods by other producers and companies; that is called affiliate marketing.

What they do is promote the sales for products they have interest in and earn commissions for each purchase.

Being an affiliate marketer is not difficult if you know the right way to go about it. You can learn from reading books and articles, listening to friends and experts explain and put you through.

However, to enter the business of affiliate marketing correctly, you need to learn the nook and cranny of the trade. That is where the podcasts come in.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Good?

One advantage of being an affiliate marketer is the comfort it affords you. You can work from home at your convenience.

Rather than being streamlined with the office time, you can make money while sleeping. It is an extra source of income.

You must have considered these factors before choosing to walk this path. In your journey, determination and consistency are essential. Good luck!