Great Reference Links for Podcasters!

Here's a group of articles and links that I've found very helpful while getting started and refining my process with The Podcast Digest.

New to Podcasting:  From Colin Gray,  this is a great glossary of terms that will really help!  And Colin also has an "Ultimate Podcast Resource" page that pretty amazing, too!

If you want personalized coaching along with a supportive podcasting community, check out : School of Podcasting.

Tranform.Org has tons of great articles on all things podcasting!

MacNN had some great articles those of you starting out on a Mac of IOS device should read!  Pointers: Creating a Podcast (see link at bottom of article for all parts of this series!)

The Podcasters' Studio - How to Setup a Mix Minus for Recording Skype  (watch this video, it's awesome!)

The Audacity to Podcast - How to Live-Stream and Record a Podcast with Others - TAP044 - How to shorten long links

Audacity Help Manual - How to do pretty much anything with Audacity!
Audacity Tutorial - From Sean at No, Totally Podcast

Podcast 101: Creating and Hosting an Audio Podcast - I literally followed this book by Rob Walch step by step to launch this show!

Want to podcast mobile from an IOS device? Great presentation from Rob Walch at Libsyn

Lifehacker - How to start a podcast

If you are going to be having guests on your show, send them this link - Podcast Guest Guide.


  1. Thanks so much for these great resources!

  2. I'm glad you find them helpful! If you know of anymore, please share and I'll update the page!