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This page features all the wonderful people who are supporting TPD on Patreon at the $3/month and higher level!  TPD wouldn't be what it is today if not for these awesome folks! Check out their work linked below!

Dana Buckler from How is this Movie (Website) (Show Twitter) (Personal Twitter)

A great movie based podcast telling you how some of the biggest hits of all time came to be! Interviews, movie clips and more all contained in a highly produced, awesome to listen to package!

Ray Lofflin from Couple Things Podcast (Website) (Show Twitter) (Personal Twitter)

2 couples, 4 topics every week and show that you will keep you laughing, coming back for more, and leave you wishing you were as cool as these guys.

Jules Wang from Pocketnow Weekly (Website) (Show Twitter) (Personal Twitter)
Jules Wang is the producer of The Pocketnow Weekly, one of the best technology podcasts out there and a must-listen of mine every week for years!

Matt Williamson from The EDGY Empire (Twitter) (Website)
Ordinary people doing extraordinary things! A new show from Dan Waldschmidt and Matt Willamson!

Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting (Twitter) (Website)

Dave Jackson, previous guest of TPD, hosts several excellent podcasts on podcasts, great for the beginner and experienced alike!  I truly can say I've learned tons from Dave and his shows!

Elle Martinez from Couple Money (Personal Twitter) (Show Twitter) (Website)

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