Sunday, June 11, 2017

TPD 146 - Sook-Yin Lee from Sleepover

Sook-Yin Lee from CBC's "Sleepover" is my guest this week!  We talk how this very unique show was born, what it's like producing it (including editing 24 hours of tape to a 90 minute presentation!), feedback from previous guests of "Sleepover" and so much more! Sook-Yin is a creative tour-de-force and has great insights into the world of storytelling, journalism and more!  You will love this show!

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Sook-Yin Lee (Twitter)

Sleepover (Twitter) (Website)

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  1. i love the Chanel so much that i only tune to it on my free time. all the things on it are just amazing and it becomes really worth while. plus their blog helps with all the updates