Sunday, June 4, 2017

TPD 145 - FLASHBACK - Jason Parsons, Grant Markham from 7 Days a Geek

A "flashback" episode way back from almost 2 years ago!  Hope you enjoy!


** Original Show Notes ***


Jason Parsons (7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101) and Grant Markham (7 Days a Geek, The Stranger Conversations) have combined forces for many years to create great shows! For this episode they come together again and join me on this mega-episode! We talk about how they met, their podcasting history together and independently, the future for all of their shows and so much more!  What a great conversation! Enjoy!


Jason Parsons (Twitter)

Grant Markham (Twitter)

7 Days a Geek (Twitter) (Website)

Podcasting 101 (Twitter) (Website)

The Stranger Conversations (Twitter) (Website) (Instagram)

Monkey Poo Studios (Website)


  1. How do I send a link to your podcast through whatsapp to me friends? Do I send them the link to the webpage? I really want them to listen to you.