Sunday, October 23, 2016

TPD 113 - Bringin' the Rec Show Back with Ben Mendenhall from Couple Things Podcast

Ben Mendenhall, 1/4 of the excellent Couple Things Podcast, is my co-host for this recommendations episode!  We go over the loooong history of TPD and Couple Things, then jump into our discussion topic: "True Crime Podcasts - educational, entertainment, or something else?" Then we get to telling you all about 4 'must-listen' shows!  Check out the links below!

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Couple Things Podcast (Website) (Twitter)
Ben Mendenhall (Twitter)
Dan's interview with PRX (Website)

Show Recommendations
In The Dark (Website) (Twitter)
Accused (Website)
Reconcilable Differences (Website) (Twitter)
Ivy Envy (Website) (Twitter)

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