Sunday, October 9, 2016

TPD 111 - Julie Shapiro from Radiotopia

Julie Shapiro, Executive Producer from Radiotopia, is my guest this week!  We cover Julie's history in audio storytelling and production from her college days to Australia and from Third Coast International Audio Festival to Radiotopia! We cover adding new shows to the network, day to day operations, bringing a large team together, live shows and changes in advertising in the podcast industry.  It's a very interesting and wide ranging conversation that I think you'll love!

(One minor correction: At one point during our conversation, Julie refers to Olly Mann, Helen Zaltzman's co-host of Answer Me This, as Helen's brother. This is incorrect. There is no relation. Although, Helen's husband, Martin is a co-host!)

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Julie Shapiro (Twitter)
Radiotopia (Website) (Twitter)
Third Coast International Audio Festival (Website)
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