Sunday, September 25, 2016

TPD 109 - Dave Lee from International Podcast Day

Dave Lee from International Podcast Day, Waves of Tech and Modern Life Podcast Network is my guest this week!  We cover Dave's roots in audio, podcasting with family, his evolution as a podcaster and of course, International Podcast Day (IPD)!  IPD is coming up soon - September 30th! We discuss the goals of IPD, it's growth as it hits its 3rd year in 2016 and spreading the word of podcasting!  Dave is a great guy, awesome podcaster and has (along with his father) done amazing things for the all podcasters - both big and small! #PodcastDay
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Dave Lee (Twitter)
Waves of Tech (Twitter)
Modern Life Podcast Network (Website)
International Podcast Day (Twitter) (Website)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

TPD 108 - Danny Pena from Gamertag Radio

Danny Pena, host and founder of Gamertag Radio and 2015 Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame inductee is my guest for this blockbuster episode! Danny has had a truly amazing ride in the podcasting world, even starting before podcasts existed! Learn about the very early days, the evolution of Gamertag Radio, the intense focus on community, and Danny's induction into the Hall of Fame!  And that just scratches the surface!  One of the most interesting podcasters I've ever talked to, Danny Pena and Gamertag Radio are completely worth your time, even if you just have a passing interesting in gaming!
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Danny Pena (Twitter)
Gamertag Radio (Twitter) (Website)
Danny's Keynote address at Podfest 2016 (YouTube)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

TPD 107 - Hernan Lopez from Wondery

Hernan Lopez, Founder and CEO of Wondery, is my guest this week!  Hernan, with a vast amount of experience and success in television jumped into the podcast world earlier this year and the early results look very promising!  From original content to partner shows, Wondery is developing a solid stable and very entertaining shows! Hernan also shares his point of view on the evolution of advertising in the podcasting world and some of the things that Wondery are developing on both the content and business side to become a successful podcast network!
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Hernan Lopez: (Twitter)
Wondery: (Website) (Twitter)
Hernan's interview with Harry Duran on "Podcast Junkies" (Website)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

TPD 106 - Veronica Volk from Finding Tammy Jo

Veronica Volk, reporter from WXXI in Rochester, NY is my guest and we talk about the podcast she co-hosted (with Gary Craig from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) called "Finding Tammy Jo".  This story is an amazing one about a young victim of murder in western New York and the search for her identity and killer. Told across 8 episodes, "Finding Tammy Jo" tells the tale of who this young woman was and the search to learn what happened to her back in 1979. Veronica tells us her story about joining WXXI, the origin story of the podcast, working with Gary, interviewing these guests and the local communities reaction to this amazing show they have created! It's a quick, but required listen, in my opinion!
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Veronica Volk (Twitter)
Gary Craig (Twitter)
Finding Tammy Jo (Website)
WXXI (Website) (Twitter)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (Website) (Twitter)