Sunday, July 24, 2016

TPD 100 - SPECIAL: The First 100 and PM16!

I can't believe this... 100 Episodes.
First off, if you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I decided to make this episode a 'retrospective' of sorts looking back at some of my favorite episodes and interviews and big landmark events for the show!  After that, I then went into what my experience was in Chicago for Podcast Movement 2016!  The sessions, the speakers, my days and nights and 5 interviews from the conference floor with some of the great people I met while there!
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Links (Guest Interviews)
Adela Mizrichi of Podcast Brunch Club (Twitter) (Website)
Dave Lee of International Podcast Day / Waves of Tech (Twitter) (Website)
Paula Allen of Tell Me Stories w/Paula Allen (Twitter) (Website)
Jason Parson "The Angry Ginger" of 7 Days a Geek / Podcasting 101 (Twitter) (Website)
Elle Martinez from Couple Money Podcast (Twitter) (Website)


  1. Huge congratulations on the 100th episode Dan! Couldn't be happier for a more awesome guy and podcasters! Keep kicking butt for another 100! -Ray/CTP