Sunday, June 26, 2016

This Week...

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately this week, there will not be a new TPD! :( Please accept my apologies!

This will be the first "week off" for the show since 1/3/16.  If my math is right, that's 25 weeks in a row! The reason was very similar to last one - booking and scheduling.  Booking guests is the cornerstone of TPD, and sometimes it's a great help (like when I get to to talk some of hosts of my favorite shows!) and other times it's a bummer.  It means that sometimes things are out of my control.  This past week, due to a miscommunication, I wasn't able to record with a scheduled guest and so no new show!  I had a decision to make: to record a short, small narrative episode with just me talking about some current events or doing my first "replay" for a past interview.  Neither really felt right.  Not to say that I might not do one of those in the future, but for now, I've decided on the week off.

So throughout this week, on Twitter (see link in black bar above to follow the show, if you aren't already), I'll be promoting some of those "greatest hits" in the TPD back catalog!  There's a ton of great conversations to be found there, so if you haven't heard them, please go back and check them out!

Also, an ITunes review would be huge for me, folks!  The show is up to over 4,000 followers on Twitter now, and download numbers keep going up!  But there are still only a small number of reviews.  If you do enjoy the show, a review remains one of the best way to help out! And it only takes a minute!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned, there will definite be new one next week!!!!

1 comment:

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