Monday, March 14, 2016

Patreon News!

As you've probably heard by now, I've decided to launch a Patreon campaign to take The Podcast Digest to the next level!  I'm super excited about the prospects and sincerely hope, if you really enjoy the show and you get some level of entertainment from it, you'll consider supporting it, even one dollar a month is a big, big deal to me!  Please read all about it here.

But I wanted to let everyone know about an 'unadvertised' benefit that I've decided to add in for ALL of my Patreon supporters, at all support levels.  Historically, I've always kept my upcoming episodes somewhat a secret.  Who my guest is, their show, any podcast recommendations featured... you've always had to wait 'till Sunday morning around 10AM EST to find out who my next guest is!  I'm not quite sure why I've done that, other than I love the element of surprise.  Well, what I've decided to do moving forward, is to 'pre-announce' to all of my patrons exactly who will be featured on an upcoming episode! Additionally, it will also give me a 'new' group and community whom I plan on sharing some of my 'pre-release' excitement with!  Can't tell you how many times I've finished an awesome interview and just wanted to tell the world, but held back to maintain the surprise!  So, I've decided I will start to let patron's 'behind the scenes' of TPD! (Since, you know, the whole 'behind the scenes' thingy is kinda my bag!).  It's just a little something extra I thought I might include for those folks who are so kind as to help this little show out! And I have just posted on Patreon who my guest will be on Episode 83, scheduled for release on March 20!  And it's a big one!  I promise!

But, if Patreon is not your thing, that's ok too!  I still love the fact your listening, that you've read this post, and that you continue to share the show with your friends and family, and review the show in iTunes. (Click here to leave a review, if you haven't done that yet!)  I'd be very appreciative if you would!


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