Sunday, February 28, 2016

TPD 80 - Mickey Papillon from The Cell Phone Junkie

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After 80 episodes, the host of my very first podcast recommendation, The Cell Phone Junkie joins me this week on TPD! Mickey Papillon is the creator and host of the show, running now for over 500 weekly episodes! Combined with other shows, Mickey has hosted more than 650 shows!  Wow!  We talk about the world of technology, the origins of TCPJ, working with his co-host Joey, and what the feedback from listeners has been like. This one gets a little nerdy and I loved it!

The Cell Phone Junkie (Website) (Twitter)
Mickey Papillon (Twitter)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

TPD 79 - Hillary Frank from The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank from The Longest Shortest Time joined me to talk about her road in public radio and podcasting.  From This American Life to WNYC to Earworlf, Hillary Frank is one of the accomplished public radio and podcast producers around today! She tells me about how she got started, the truly amazing and important effect The Longest Shortest Time has had on her audience, and what it has been like to be a part of Earwolf!  If you are a mother, father or a child inn a family (basically, everyone!), you should subscribe to The Longest Shortest Time! It will quickly become on of your 'must listens'.


Hillary Frank (Website)
The Longest Shortest Time (Twitter) (Facebook)
Read about the show's origin (Website)
Earwolf (Twitter) (Website)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

TPD 78 - Andy Ihnatko from Chicago Sun Times

Andy Ihnatko from Chicago Sun Times joined me to talk about all of the amazing shows he's a part of - The Ihnatko Almanac, MacBreak Weekly, Material and The Incomparable. Andy shares the stories of how he got started with writing, how he approaches The Ihnatko Almanac, prepping for video on MacBreak Weekly, what he learned from his public switch of mobile platforms, and the launch of Material. And that's just to name a few topics we covered in this excellent conversation!
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Andy Ihnatko (Twitter) (Website)
The Ihnatko Almanac (Website)
MacBreak Weekly (Twitter) (Website)
Material (Twitter) (Website)
The Incomparable (Twitter) (Website)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

TPD 77 - Roman Mars from 99% Invisible and Radiotopia

Roman Mars from 99% Invisible and Radiotopia joined me this week to talk about his start in radio, his love for design, and growing 99% Invisible from a show made out of his closet to one of the biggest podcasts in the world! Roman is the founder of Radiotopia, one of the most influential podcast collectives around and tells me about growing the show, selecting new ones and what is likes working with the great hosts he has assembled! Enjoy!

Roman Mars (Twitter) (Website)
99% Invisible (Website)
Radiotopia (Twitter) (Website)
Roman's TED Talk about flag design (YouTube)
Roman's talk at Google (YouTube)