Sunday, January 24, 2016

TPD 75 - Russell Ivanovic from PocketCasts and Material

Russell Ivanovic, co-founder of Shifty Jelly (developer of my favorite podcast app, PocketCasts) and co-host of Material (from Relay FM) joined me to talk about his involvement in the podcasting world!  From developing one of the best podcast apps on all platforms to co-hosting the only Google-centric show on the excellent Relay FM, Russell shares the origin story of all his shows and how PocketCasts is ever evolving! It was a thrill to talk to Russell and if you're a fan of tech like me, I think you'll really enjoy this interview!

Russell Ivanovic (Twitter)
PocketCasts (Website) (Twitter)
Material (Website) (Twitter)
Topical (Website) (Twitter)


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