Monday, January 4, 2016

So I missed a week! Now what???

You know what's funny? Well, a couple of things.  First is that I always say in my pinned Twitter post, that this site features blog entries.  Except I rarely ever blog!  I should do more of that, I think.  Actually, I think I'm much better at talking than writing so I choose not to embarrass myself too much (I tend to have a real obsession with parenthesis, I don't know why!) The other thing that's funny, is in my most recent episode, I talked about how proud I was that since the show began in September 2014 that not a week had gone by without a missed episode!  And I am still proud of that!  But now I "was" proud of that?  Yeah, so this past Sunday I missed my first week releasing a new episode of TPD.  I want to assure you that nothing is wrong, I'm not folding the show, nor has there been some personal tragedy, basically there's no reason to panic!  I had a pretty hectic couple of weeks at the end of December including an out of town trip back to Virginia Beach, a couple of holiday functions I DJ'd, and of course all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, wrapping, and partying.

But that's not all the reason.  I tried. I considered re-releasing a 'classic' episode in that spot, but it just didn't feel right to me. I wanted something new. But booking guests during the holidays, I have learned, is also very difficult.  While I had all of those things, just about all of the potential guests I was speaking to also had a lot going on to! Go figure!  I tried to 'bridge the gap' with my first solo show, but alas it was not to be!  But wait, you say!  I'm a podcaster, I know 100 shows that would have been willing to talk to you during that time.  I'm sure that's the case!  And I have dozens and dozens of submissions I've yet to reach out to on my "Recommend a Show Yourself" link on the right hand column of this very website!  So how come I couldn't get someone on?  Well, that reason is also pretty straightforward.  It's something I've said before, and I will continue to remind everyone reading (or listening) about.  I don't produce The Podcast Digest for podcasters.  Or for 'free publicity' for their shows.  The Podcast Digest is the extension of my listening 'likes'.  If I've subscribed to a show and like it, want to get to know the host/producer better and feel like you would want to learn more about their 'behind the scenes' stories, THAT'S the show I want to produce.  Not just to feature every new show I find.  Finding and producing this show takes time. A bunch of time.  I'm constantly subbing/unsubbing to different shows, going through several episodes in their catalog, attempting to contact the host, booking an interview, researching the host's background, crafting an outline of an interview for what I hope will be an interesting show, recording, editing, and ultimately releasing the episode.  I don't begin this process lightly, or with a show that I'm not a huge fan of.

So because all of those factors didn't come together in time for an episode this past week, instead, I'm re-grouping and going back to the drawing board.  And I've learned some things.  At a time in the past, I was 3-4 weeks ahead with recorded and edited episodes "in the can". I want to work hard to get back to that place. Also, sometime next fall, I think I might record a few "evergreen shows" - something that may be more topic focused and could be used weeks or even months after it has been recorded. And a few more ideas I'm working on as well, might help prevent this moving forward.

But, as Jason DeFellippo so wonderfully explained to me this past weekend (tweet below), it's all ok.  The internet will be there waiting for me when I come back! And I will be back!  Ep. 73, with all fresh new content, will be in your feeds on Sunday, 1/10.  So, thank you all for your patience, your feedback, and your support of The Podcast Digest!  And, just to make me feel better, tell a friend about the show, share an old episode or leave a review in Itunes or Stitcher!

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