Sunday, June 28, 2015

TPD 46 - Taylor Martin from Untethered / MOD

Taylor Martin, host of the Untethered Podcast, and creator of MOD joins me to talk about working in Technology, his drive to start his own company, receiving feedback from some of the craziest people on the internet and his future plans for MOD!  In the first ever in person interview on The Podcast Digest, Taylor's story is one that will likely motivate you to follow your dreams!

Taylor Martin (Twitter)
Untethered Podcast (Twitter)(Website)
Todoist Blog (Website)
MOD at Home (Twitter)
MOD in a Box (Twitter)(YouTube)
One Word Review (YouTube)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

TPD 45 - Brian Koppelman from The Moment

Brian Koppelman, host of "The Moment" from Slate joined for a great discussion about his excellent podcast! We cover his interview preparation, his favorite episodes, the key "moments" in Brian's career and what it's like to talk to those people you motivate and inspire you!
Brian has a long and impressive resume in the music, television and film industries including co-writing movies like Rounders and Ocean's 13 and directing an Emmy-winning 30 for 30 documentary for ESPN.  And that's only the beginning!  What an honor for him to carve out some time for me while working on his new show for Showtime (due out in 2016), called "Billions".

Brian Koppelman (Twitter) (IMDB)
The Moment (Website)
Brian's podcast appearance on WTF with Marc Maron (Website) and his appearance on the Art of Manliness podcast (Website)
Marc Maron's appearance on "The Moment" (Website)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Current Status

Time for another update!

It's been a great last few weeks here at TPD!  I've been able to feature the 'casts' of some of absolute favorite indy podcasts - like Couple Things, Moving the Needle and Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks!  And the most recent episode with DAPF pod features the first ever appearance of my wife, Sheila, on the podcast!  She was pretty scared and worried that she'd come off sounding dumb, but Neil and Annaleis (the hosts of DAPF) really made her feel at ease and I think it came out great!

In the next several weeks, I've got some more excellent shows for you!  First, will be this Sunday's episode (Ep. 45) featuring the "biggest" name guest I've had yet!  Like, seriously guys!  I just recorded this conversation last night, and I don't want to spill the beans quite yet, but believe me when I say this was a huge thing for me and the show and I was humbled that this individual took the time to speak to me!  I really hope you enjoy!

Episode 46 has also already been recorded!  Scheduled for release on 6/28, this was the very first time I've had a guest 'in studio' (which means they came to my house!).  If you've watched the Twitter feed closely, you already know this is Taylor Martin (@caspertek) and he was awesome!  A podcast host / tech journalist / entrepreneur and so much more! It was a great conversation and we cover a host of topics that I really think you'll enjoy!

A couple of quick notes in closing - I'm looking for your ideas on the 1 year anniversary show!  September 1, 2014 the very first episode of TPD was released and I'm hoping to come up with something for the 1 year anniversary!  Really not sure what I'll do yet, or if I'll just put out another regular episode, but I'd love to hear from you!  You can comment on this blog entry if you like (or shoot me an email - and let me know your thoughts!  And lastly, several have asked, and YES, I will be offering TPD shirts again soon!  I'm going to do a few different things than last time (a better brand/material and a women's style) and I'm looking forward to launching that sometime this summer!

That'll do it for now! If you love what I'm doing, please let me know in the form of an Itunes review (click button on top right of page)!  It truly makes my day when I see new one of those come through!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

TPD 44 - Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks (Twitter, Website) joined me for over an hour of hilarity and inappropriateness! Find out how they met, what starting the show was like, their thoughts on the podcast community and how Annaleis (@wiretechgirl) keeps Neil (@AngelsFreak7) under control in public!  What a blast we had!
And...  listen for the very first appearance on ANY podcast of my wife, Sheila!
An episode NOT to be missed!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

TPD 43 - Moving The Needle

Sean, Roy and Henno from Moving the Needle join me for a great chat about their evolving show, booking guests, their excellent host roster, listener feedback, and the independent podcast community!  Moving the Needle is one of the most dynamic, evolving, interesting and all around entertaining pop culture podcasts I have found to date!  Check them out today and leave them a super nice review!

Moving the Needle: (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)
Hosts: Sean, Roy @roymac75 and Henno @idahenno

Sunday, June 7, 2015

TPD 42 - Couple Things

Molly, Michelle, Ray and Ben from Couple Things Podcast joined me to tell them about launching their show, how they chose the name, what their roles are on their show and what it's like to podcast from a car!  And so much more!  Two couples get together and the results are one of the most entertaining shows you'll hear!  Check out their show at the links below and make sure you subscribe and review them today!

Couple Things Podcast (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)