Sunday, January 25, 2015

TPD 22 - S. Anthony Speaks!

I had the good fortune to be joined by S. Anthony Thomas, host of the "S. Anthony Says" Podcast!  This is S. Anthony's first podcast interview and he covers the history of the show, his background in stand up comedy and he tells us the backstory behind some of the best and funniest episodes on S. Anthony Says!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting all professional!

Check it out!  The Podcast Digest's first batch of business cards!  I love 'em!

It's amazing what's happening RIGHT NOW!

Hello TPD Fans!

I wanted to post a quick blog entry THANKING YOU for listening to the show, for sharing with your friends, for reviewing on ITunes and Stitcher!  January has been a phenomenal month for the show so far!  I've been joined by hosts of The Cool Story Show, No Totally and How is This Movie. I really hoped you guys have enjoyed these shows, as I am having a blast having these conversations and sharing the stories of these great hosts with you!

While this month has been phenomenal for show growth (yes, our numbers are waaaay up!), what I'm even more proud of is that I really feel that I'm delivering a higher level of interesting and entertaining content to you. If you agree, please let me know!  I've had a bunch of great feedback from many of you and it's been wonderful to hear!

And because you've decided to hop on over to this entry (and to have read this far!), I'm going to reward you with a bit of insider info! I've never pre-announced my shows, but for you I'm going to announce my next two guests!

* Episode 22 - Sunday, January 25, 2015 - S. Anthony Thomas (@santhonysays) - Host of "S. Anthony Says"

* Episode 23 - Sunday, February 1, 2015 - Tim Robertson (@mymac) - Host of "Tech Fan", "OWC Radio" and owner of and The Stoplight Network.

These were two great conversations!  S. Anthony is completely hilarious and I had so much fun talking to this awesome comedian!  And Tim's experience in podcasting (11 years) and technology lead to a really intriguing conversation about both! Anyone who loves comedy, tech or podcasting will really love these next two shows!

And I've got even more great conversations lined up for you after those!  I feel like we are at a turning point for the show, and if you like what I'm a doing a review on Itunes or Stitcher, as well as sharing this website or the Twitter account (@poddigest) with your friends is the best way you can help me to take this to the next level!

I can't thank you enough for listening, for providing me feedback and for making The Podcast Digest what it is!  None of this would be possible if it wan't for YOU!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TPD 21 - How is this Interview with Dana?

Dana Buckler, the host of the movie podcast phenomenon, How Is This Movie, joins me this week for an eye-opening and informative conversation! Dana and I talk about how HITM got started, what created this huge love for movies that he has, how he decided how many of his fears to expose on the show, what his exhaustive research and production process is like, why he rarely goes to the theatre anymore and so, so much more!
And of course, we recommend another podcast!  Dana recommends the first podcast he ever listened to - We Hate Movies!

SiteWe Hate Movies
Hosts (and Twitter):
Andrew (@jupin)
Eric (@ericszyszka)
Steve (@stephensajdak)
Chris (@crabin)
Links to Episodes mentioned by Dana:
Jaws the Revenge (Link)
Boondock Saints 2 (Link)
Bad Boys 3 (Link)
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TPD 20 - No, It's Totally an Interview with Shaun!

In the 20th episode of TPD, I have an phenomenal chat with Shaun from the No, Totally (@nototally) podcast!  We cover a range of topics including how No, Totally came to be, the production process for the show, how to deal with negative Itunes reviews, and the future for this amazing podcast that YOU should be subscribed to!  It's an extremely interesting coversation for podcasts producers AND listeners!  Share this show with anyone interested in podcasting, as it will likely be very eye-opening!
And of course, we present you with another podcast show recommendation!
Show 1: Video Negative
Website: (Video Negative)
Follow the hosts on Twitter: @OliverUrwin @DanielSarath @GetANewNameLad

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Proudly Present:


I'd like to share with all of you some special artwork, made by my 16 year old son, Tyler, that he made for The Podcast Digest!

Pretty great, don't ya think???

New Year, New Things!

Hello all, and Happy 2015!

We've really hit the ground running so far this year at TPD!  In the last week, I've released two episodes (18 and 19, scroll down for those and hit play!) that I've always wanted to do!  Ep. 18 was a "top 10" show including actual clips from those episodes I loved so much!  It was  ton of fun researching those shows and attempting to find the best parts of my favorite episodes.  I was pretty happy with the way it came out in the end and I really hope you liked it too!  Ep. 19 was the first time I interviewed other podcast hosts!  David and Andy from The Cool Story Show were just as cool as I thought they would be and we had an awesome chat!

2015 is going to be a huge year for The Podcast Digest!  I've got some more great interviews and conversations lined up in the coming weeks and months and of course, I'll continue to bring those quality show recommendations that I hope you have grown to love! Please share this site with your friends!  I'm trying hard to make this a one-stop shop for some great content and the easiest place for those both new and familiar with podcast listening!

I mentioned on Twitter this week that I noticed it has been a little over a month since someone left an Itunes review or rating.  The link is in the black bar above for Itunes and Stitcher.  If you wouldn't mind dropping over, and even just clicking the stars, I'd really appreciate it!  It lets me know, dear reader and listener, that you are out there and want more fine folks like yourself to find TPD!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

TPD 19 - A Cool Story with hosts David and Andy

This is a very special epsiode of TPD, featuring the first guests from a podcast! I'm proud to welcome David Maier (@davidmaier7) and Andy Spiteri (@spiteri316) from The Cool Story Show (  (The Cool Story Show also features hosts Alex Gurnett - @gurnetta and Aaron Corbett - @acorbett48)

Find the show at The Cool Story Show

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