Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New shirts are here to celebrate 1 year!

Hey folks!

As I've mentioned the one year anniversary of TPD is fast approaching (9/1/15) and to celebrate I've decided to offer another round of TPD apparel! Except this time, I'm taking the lessons I've learned on my first round and applying them!

* Better quality material than the 'base' model of last time.
* Multiple colors from the TPD logo
* A women's option! (boy, did my mom let me hear about that one last time!)
* And a fun long sleeve and hoodie option, because hey, why not?  And cooler weather will be here soon!

And for anyone wondering, this is not a money play!  If you've ever used Teespring, you'll recognize that unless you want to complete gouge folks, you not going to get rich.  I'm offering these to basically provide a better quality item than last time and in honor of 1 full year of episodes!

If you are considering ordering, thank you so much!  It really does mean the world time!

Here's the link:  Click here and hit the drop down and selection boxes on the right to change styles and colors!


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