Sunday, July 26, 2015

TPD 50 - Devon Taylor from The Timbre

Devon Taylor co-founder of, a website dedicated to podcast reviews, commentary and discovery is my very special guest for my 50th episode!  What a great conversation!  Devon and I talk about the how the site came to be, how they determine their favorite shows each week, how the site has grown, how they choose what they feature and review, what it's like interracting with podcast creators, and so much more!
And stick around to the end where Devon and I do what we do best!  Recommend great shows! SIX shows are featured!
I couldn't have asked for a more engaging and interesting guest for my 50th show! If you are listening to The Podcast Digest, you need to bookmark and frequently check in with The Timbre! You'll be glad you did!

The Timbre (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)
Buzzworthy Studios (Website)
Show Recommendations
Home of the Brave (Website)
Analogue (Website)
Millennial (Website)
Slack Variety Pack (Website)
Rumble Strip Vermont (Website)
Radio Diaries (Website)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

TPD 49 - Rob McGinley Myers from Anxious Machine

Rob McGinley Myers from Anxious Machine is my guest this week. Rob talks about his journey to starting the show, how it's evolving over time, his thoughts on the importance of music, and what it's like to be a part of a brand new podcast collective, The Heard.  Rob is doing phenomenal work with Anxious Machine and it absolutely needs to be the next addition to your subscription list!

Rob McGinley Myers (Twitter)
Anxious Machine (Website) (Twitter) (Patreon)
The Heard (Website) (Twitter)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

TPD 48 - Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale

Mike Boudet is the host of the true crime podcast, Sword and Scale.  Recommended to me a few months back by another podcast, Project Archivist (Website), I immediately became completely hooked. With a production value that is through the roof, and stories that will leave you completely shocked, Mike Boudet has produced one of the most original and impactful shows in the podcasting genre.  As of today, Sword and Scale regularly appears in the Itunes Top 200 and has more than 4.2 million downloads!  Take a listen today and see why this show is one that I gurantee that you'll be talking about tomorrow!

Sword and Scale (Website) (Twitter) (Facebook)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

TPD 47 - Jason Parsons and Grant Markham from 7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101 and The Stranger Conversations

Jason Parsons (7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101) and Grant Markham (7 Days a Geek, The Stranger Conversations) have combined forces for many years to create great shows! For this episode they come together again and join me on this mega-episode! We talk about how they met, their podcasting history together and independently, the future for all of their shows and so much more!  What a great conversation! Enjoy!

Jason Parsons (Twitter)
Grant Markham (Twitter)
7 Days a Geek (Twitter) (Website)
Podcasting 101 (Twitter) (Website)
The Stranger Conversations (Twitter) (Website) (Instagram)
Monkey Poo Studios (Website)