Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Current Status

Time for another update!

It's been a great last few weeks here at TPD!  I've been able to feature the 'casts' of some of absolute favorite indy podcasts - like Couple Things, Moving the Needle and Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks!  And the most recent episode with DAPF pod features the first ever appearance of my wife, Sheila, on the podcast!  She was pretty scared and worried that she'd come off sounding dumb, but Neil and Annaleis (the hosts of DAPF) really made her feel at ease and I think it came out great!

In the next several weeks, I've got some more excellent shows for you!  First, will be this Sunday's episode (Ep. 45) featuring the "biggest" name guest I've had yet!  Like, seriously guys!  I just recorded this conversation last night, and I don't want to spill the beans quite yet, but believe me when I say this was a huge thing for me and the show and I was humbled that this individual took the time to speak to me!  I really hope you enjoy!

Episode 46 has also already been recorded!  Scheduled for release on 6/28, this was the very first time I've had a guest 'in studio' (which means they came to my house!).  If you've watched the Twitter feed closely, you already know this is Taylor Martin (@caspertek) and he was awesome!  A podcast host / tech journalist / entrepreneur and so much more! It was a great conversation and we cover a host of topics that I really think you'll enjoy!

A couple of quick notes in closing - I'm looking for your ideas on the 1 year anniversary show!  September 1, 2014 the very first episode of TPD was released and I'm hoping to come up with something for the 1 year anniversary!  Really not sure what I'll do yet, or if I'll just put out another regular episode, but I'd love to hear from you!  You can comment on this blog entry if you like (or shoot me an email - thepodcastdigest@gmail.com) and let me know your thoughts!  And lastly, several have asked, and YES, I will be offering TPD shirts again soon!  I'm going to do a few different things than last time (a better brand/material and a women's style) and I'm looking forward to launching that sometime this summer!

That'll do it for now! If you love what I'm doing, please let me know in the form of an Itunes review (click button on top right of page)!  It truly makes my day when I see new one of those come through!


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