Sunday, May 31, 2015

TPD 41 - MacCast with Adam Christianson

Adam Christianson, host of the MacCast has produced 100’s of episodes and been podcasting for over 10 years! Hear about his start in podcasting, his production process, thoughts on ‘enhanced podcasts, episode release schedules, being a full-time podcaster,  podcast advertising, interacting with his community and even some great talk about Apple! Every fan of Apple, tech and podcasting will love this episode!

MacCast: (Website) (Twitter)
The IOS Show: (Website)
The Mac Show: (Website)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

TPD 40 - Jonathan Hirsch from Arrvls

Arrvls, a story-telling podcast has some of the most amazing content you'll hear! In between their first and second season, host and creator Jonathan Hirsch and I sit down to discuss the history of his podcast, the production process, future plans and how his unique signature closing came to be!  It's a great listen from an intriguing host!
Arrvls (Website) (Twitter)

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

TPD 39 - Mortified with Dave Nadelberg

Dave Nadelberg, co-host of Mortified from Radiotopia, has a tale for you!  Learn about his idea from 13 years ago and how it grew from a one off stage show, to grow to create an international pheonmenon including books, a tv series, a Netflix documentary and eventually the hit podcast, Mortified!  It's a behind the scenes look at one of the most unique, outrageous and entertaining shows you'll find!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

TPD 38 - Rec It! with Ryan Steiner

Ryan Steiner of "Ryan's Podcast Reviews" ( co-hosts another great recommendations epsiode of The Podcast Digest!  But before telling you about FOUR great shows, we have a very intersting conversation on Diversity in Podcasting.  Make sure to follow Ryan on Twitter and check out his great written reviews of all things podcasts!
Shows recommended in this episode:
She Does

Couple Things

Monster Talk

Aaron Mahnke on Twitter

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Setting Expectations...

Howdy, folks!  Time for another blog entry!  It's been a good 6 week or so and I feel like it's time to give you guys some reading material!  You know, since you all have spent so much time listening, it was time to try another medium!  It's been a great batch of shows lately here on The Podcast Digest!  I've had some amazing guests!  And I hope you guys have been enjoying listening as much as I've been enjoying putting together these great shows!

And lately, it seems like I'm on a rampage for guest spots!  I know, I know, you're probably sick of me by now!  But check out my Guest Appearance pages (link to the right) and please subscribe and rate these very kind hosts who've allowed me to pollute their episodes with my dulcet tones!  Ha!  And there's actually two more coming soon, as well!

On one of those yet to be released guest spots coming out soon, I got into a very good conversation about TPD, and I was able to put into words something that I hadn't really done so and I wanted to mention it here on the site.  The conversation was about the goals of TPD for the future, and while I ask this question of my guests all the time, I hadn't really considered it too much, personally.  But during my answer, I mentioned what I feel are the 3 main aspects of TPD that I want to continue and I hope that each of you have come here for and hopefully enjoy.  They are:

1. Interviews and behind the scenes chats with some of the biggest names in podcasting.
2. Introducing my listeners to newer shows that you may not have yet heard of, but will love!
3. Recommendation shows where I tell you what I'm listening to and have now subscribed to!

So far, in my 37 episodes, almost every one of them could fit into one of those 3 show types.  My hope is that this "mix" will make for an interesting show that you will love, rate, review and share with your friends!  So... let me know!  Does this work for you? Do you want to see more or less of any one type?  Email, comment here or find me on Twitter (@poddigest) and speak your mind!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

TPD 37 - Scott Willsey from Haberdashery

Scott Willsey, with over a decade of podcasting experience, once had a show exceed 160 episodes called PocketSized Podcast.  But he retired that show last year.  Listen to this wildly intersting conversation into why and what went into that decision. But more importantly, learn what Scott and his co-host, Ronnie Lutes are up to today with their excellent new show - Haberdashery!

Scott Willsey (Twitter) (Website)
Ronnie Lutes (Twitter)
Haberdashery Podcast (Twitter) (Website)
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