Sunday, April 26, 2015

TPD 36 - Vanessa Lowe from Nocturne

Vanessa Lowe, co-creator of Nocturne, joins me for very intersting conversation about her background, creating a storytelling podcast, how she uses music and art, and what her thoughts are on the differences between the podcasting, public radio and music industries. It's a new show, but one I promise you'll fall in love with immediately, just like I did!

Vanessa Lowe (Twitter)
Nocturne (Website) (Twitter)
"Shake It! A Modern Polaroid Love Story" (SoundCloud)
Knitwise Media (Website)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

TPD 35 - The Incomparable Jason Snell

Jason Snell, one of the preeminent writers and podcasters in the Technology world, joins me for a wonderful discussion of his podcasting and a couple of the innovative things he is trying, the start up of "Upgrade" on Relay FM, some of the wild editing challenges he faces, and a few behind the scenes stories of covering Apple over the years. Jason also recommends some of his favorite non-technology podcasts that he loves!

Jason Snell (Twitter)
Six Colors (Website)
The Incomparable Network (Website)
Relay FM (Home of Upgrade and Clockwise) (Website)
Jason's Podcast Recommendations
The Bugle (Website)
The Flop House (Website)
The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 (Website)
The Poscast (Website)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

TPD 34 - Helen Zaltzman from Answer Me This and The Allusionist

Helen Zaltzman from Answer Me This and The Allusionist joined me this week for really interesting conversation about her experience as part of Radiotopia, listener engagement on a podcast running over 300 episodes, what the strangest and scariest qustions she receives, and the state of women in podcasting.  Helen is one the most talented people in the podcasting world and if you've not heard of her before, this episode is required listening!

Answer Me This (Website) (Twitter)
The Allusionist (Website) (Twitter)
Radiotopia (Website) (Twitter)
Helen Zaltzman (Website) (Twitter)
Olly Mann (Website) (Twitter)

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

TPD 33 - Reply All with Alex Goldman

Alex Goldman of Reply All from Gimlet Media joins me today for a great conversation about how Reply All began, his road to the show, highlighting some of the best episodes so far and giving you a peak into what it takes to produce this hit show with his co-host, PJ Vogt. And make sure you listen all the way through! Alex then does a mini-interview with me!

Reply All (Show Website) (Twitter)
Gimlet Media (Website)
Alex Goldman (Twitter)
PJ Vogt (Twitter)
Alex Blumberg (Twitter)
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Friday, April 3, 2015

New Logo is Everywhere!

As mentioned before, the awesome Matt Candela (Website) from That'll Play podcast has redone The Podcast Digest logo!  And it's just the best thing ever!  And I've had a blast pretty much putting it everywhere!  Check out these pics: