Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let's Podcast!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking the blog out!

I wanted to do a quick post and mention a couple of things.  Sometime today (I'm guessing), The Podcast Digest Twitter account (@poddigest) will pass 1,000 followers.  It's really humbling for this to happen to this show, and it's tough to get my mind around that number!  But, if you are reading this - a BIG THANK YOU!  And please do me a favor, and make sure you leave a rating on Itunes and Stitcher!  I'm so proud this show has come so far, and very excited about where we're going!

Now, on to another subject!  I've been interviewing a ton of great podcasts guests lately, and I do plan on bringing you more of these conversations.  But.  I have been asked about my "standard" format and if I plan on bringing those back?  Simple answer - YES!  I still have a few interviews "in the can" and I want to put those out first, but then it's likely I'll be returning to my standard recommendations format.  And then I'll probably mix up the show types throughout 2015.  But let me know your thoughts!  On Twitter or email or a comment below, let me know what you'd like to see more of...

And lastly, I wanted to say that I'm always willing to listen to invites to guest on your show (if you are a podcast host and reading this!)  Best way to inquire would be on email (  It's just an easier medium for talking back and forth, but a Twitter DM is ok, too.  I have a couple of guest spots arranged in the next several weeks, but I'm always up for more!

Thank you all so much!  Look for a new show this Sunday!


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