Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A dozen down, and some new things to come!

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for listening to The Podcast Digest each week!  This has been a great ride so far, and I can't wait to bring you more and more great content in the coming week!  The show's Twitter account (@poddigest) is about to break 500 followers and I'm so happy that so many of you are finding value in TPD and I really appreciate all the feedback.  Itunes reviews are very much appreciated and are going a long way to help everyone find the show!

A couple more interesting notes.  I currently have plans on bringing in my first, in person, guest in the coming weeks.  It will be a different show, and talk more about me and my family and how TPD came about.  I'll likely include some of the content you love (the show recommendations!) but this one will have a bit of a different format.  I'll really be looking for your feedback on it, and if you like it, please let me know and I'll do more!

Also, I am in talks right now for my being a guest for the first time on another show!  Still talking about it, and I need to get a few more things set up to pull it off, but if successful, hopefully there will be more of that coming in the future, too!  It will also allow me to bring in more remote guests, and hopefully that will start to happen more and more as well!

I'm really excited about what we've been able to achieve so far on TPD, and the prospects for the future are really bright and exciting! Good stuff!  And, as always, if you have your own show recommendations or ideas on how TPD could be better, I'm all ears!  Let me know on Twitter, comment on this post, or shoot me an email - thepodcastdigest@gmail.com.


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