Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TPD Site News and Updates!

Hello everyone!  A few small, but I think important, updates to this site.

First, I've now linked actual Itunes pages (where you can subscribe) to each and every show I've reviewed.  That will make it very easy for anyone landing here to subscribe to a new show they would like to start listen to!  By the way, all of the shows I've recommended so far are A+ recommendations, guys... Seriously, give them a shot!

Also, I've now created a Facebook page for The Podcast Digest (link above in the black bar).  If you like getting updates via Facebook, liking the page will be an easy way to find out when I put out new shows!  Twitter, Facebook or this site will all be receiving new episode announcements...

And if I were you, ya might want to look out for one of those very, very soon!!!


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