Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TPD 5 - Profit Angels

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Show Reviews:

Show 1: ProfitCast
Host: Brian (@iamtherealbrian)

Show 2: Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks
Hosts: Neil C. (@anglesfreak7) and Annaliese (@wiretechgirl)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shout Outs and This Week's Schedule!

I wanted to take a minute and thank both John and Matt from the That'll Play Podcast as well as Dana from the How is This Movie podcast for their recent shout outs and kind words on the latest episodes of their shows!  It really means a lot to me, guys, and I'm very glad you enjoyed the review on Episode 3 (scroll down and hit that play/download button if you haven't, it's one of my favorites!)  These two shows continue to do awesome work and if you are a fan of movies, entertainment, pop culture, or anything like that, these are two subscriptions you just MUST have in your podcast listings!  I know I do!

So, I'm working diligently on Episode 5 right now! Again, like every week, I'm very excited to share my thoughts on the two show recommendations!  But again, it'll be a surprise!  I can't wait!  I'm hoping to release late tomorrow, hopefully before 9pm EST on Wednesday, 9/24.  

Now's the best time to go back an catch up on the first 4 episodes before the new one tomorrow night!

Thank you all so much for support!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TPD 4 - Mac and Mike

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Shows Reviewed this week:
Mac Os Ken
Host: Ken Ray 
Twitter: @macosken

Best of Mike and Mike
Hosts: Mike Greenberg (@espngreeny) and Mike Golic (@espngolic)

TPD Site News and Updates!

Hello everyone!  A few small, but I think important, updates to this site.

First, I've now linked actual Itunes pages (where you can subscribe) to each and every show I've reviewed.  That will make it very easy for anyone landing here to subscribe to a new show they would like to start listen to!  By the way, all of the shows I've recommended so far are A+ recommendations, guys... Seriously, give them a shot!

Also, I've now created a Facebook page for The Podcast Digest (link above in the black bar).  If you like getting updates via Facebook, liking the page will be an easy way to find out when I put out new shows!  Twitter, Facebook or this site will all be receiving new episode announcements...

And if I were you, ya might want to look out for one of those very, very soon!!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

A Great Day and a Production Note...

I'm very excited to say that yesterday, 9/14 was the best single day of downloads for The Podcast Digest!  I'm very thankful for the support and I look forward to the future of this show!

I'm likely to change up my release schedule this coming week.  Over the next couple of months my weekends will become much busier and so I'll be releasing sometime in the middle of the week!  Still looking to produce great content and I appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the upcoming episodes!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

TPD 3 - How is this Play?

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Show recommendations this week:
How is this Movie?
Host: Dana Buckler
How is this Movie?
Subscribe in Itunes

Tha'll Play with Matt and John
Host: Matt Candela and John Nuzzi
That'll Play Podcast
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Episode 3 - Coming Tomorrow!

Check back here (or your favorite podcast app!) to listen to the new episode tomorrow.  I'm expecting to release somewhere around Noon EST tomorrow, 9/14.

I'm exciting for the two shows I'll be talking about tomorrow.  Here's a hint.  These are still a little bit of a "newer" show with no celebrity host or anything like that.  I wanted to highlight these shows as I've just been very impressed with thier overall content and show presentation, especially for being somewhat new!  I hope you enjoy!

I'll also be asking for YOUR input on tomorrow's episode!  Let me know what you think!


Check out this episode!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The 2nd Episode is now LIVE!

Very excited to release the 2nd episode of The Podcast Digest featuring "The Moment" and "Talk is Jericho"!

I tried hard to make the editing better on this episode (I'm sure it'll get better each time!).  Please share and tell your friends!  And, of course, subscribe to these 2 shows!  If you are just getting started listening to podcasts, these first 4 shows are a great place to start and will provide hours of entertainment - I give you my word on that one!

Thanks for listening - very much appreciate it!

TPD 2 - The Moment is Jericho

Shows reviewed on this Episode:

The Moment w/Brian Koppelman
Host: Brian Koppelman  @briankoppelman
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Talk is Jericho
Host: Chris Jericho @talkisjericho, @iamjericho
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

TPD is Now Everywhere!!!!

Everything has come through folks.. Itunes and all the great apps - PocketCasts, Overcast, Instacast, Castro, Downcast and the Apple Podcasts app you can now find The Podcast Digest!  
The wait is over!  Can't wait to bring the next episode out!  Due this weekend!
Subscribe or Listen at the links above (the ones in the black bar!)
Thanks for all the support!


The Directories Are Coming!

I wanted to provide you with a quick update.  The Podcast Digest is now available on Tune In Radio, Stitcher, and the Windows Phone store.  The show has also been accepted to Itunes and Pocketcasts, although propogation is taking a bit longer with those.  I've been told they should be visible and searchable by the end of the week.
So far Twitter (@poddigest) has been the most active place for folks engaging with me on the show!  Thank you to all of you who have been supportive and helpful with some of my crazy questions.

I've begun my outline for Episode 2 and will be recording this weekend.  Hopefull all of the directories will have me fully updated and everyone who would like to listen can find The Podcast Digest easily!

Launch Day

So thrilled to finally launch the very first episode of The Podcast Digest! I've put a lot of work and research into finally getting to this day!  I'm very excited to bring you this new show and I truly hope that it helps you find new shows and that you come back to find out some more subscriptions that should be a part of your regular listening routine.

I hope to also be able to use this show and site to cover recent podcasting news and to talk about some of things that the lovers of this medium would want to know. I'm starting slow right now, focusing on just the mechanics of getting this off the ground.  But soon, I plan to improve this site and maybe even target more than one show per week.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

First, if you're reading this, (and I mentioned this at the end of episode 1) where else would you like to see The Podcast Digest?  I'm considering a Google Plus community or maybe a Facebook group.  Love to have one place where we could all go and chat about the show reviews, offer up new suggestions and discus the world of podcasting.  Let me know your thoughts here in the comments or twitter (@poddigest) or shoot me an email (

TPD 1 - The Cell Phone Baby Machine

The very first episode!  Excuse some of the low production values!  But enjoy the show recommendations!  Two very good ones to kick off the new show!

The Cell Phone Junkie
Hosts: Mickey Pappilon and Joey Koppes
Twitter: @cellphonejunkie
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Amish Baby Machine Podcast
Hosts: Dags and Jeff
Twitter: @AmishBMachine
Subscribe in Itunes