Sunday, June 26, 2016

This Week...

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately this week, there will not be a new TPD! :( Please accept my apologies!

This will be the first "week off" for the show since 1/3/16.  If my math is right, that's 25 weeks in a row! The reason was very similar to last one - booking and scheduling.  Booking guests is the cornerstone of TPD, and sometimes it's a great help (like when I get to to talk some of hosts of my favorite shows!) and other times it's a bummer.  It means that sometimes things are out of my control.  This past week, due to a miscommunication, I wasn't able to record with a scheduled guest and so no new show!  I had a decision to make: to record a short, small narrative episode with just me talking about some current events or doing my first "replay" for a past interview.  Neither really felt right.  Not to say that I might not do one of those in the future, but for now, I've decided on the week off.

So throughout this week, on Twitter (see link in black bar above to follow the show, if you aren't already), I'll be promoting some of those "greatest hits" in the TPD back catalog!  There's a ton of great conversations to be found there, so if you haven't heard them, please go back and check them out!

Also, an ITunes review would be huge for me, folks!  The show is up to over 4,000 followers on Twitter now, and download numbers keep going up!  But there are still only a small number of reviews.  If you do enjoy the show, a review remains one of the best way to help out! And it only takes a minute!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned, there will definite be new one next week!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

TPD 96 - Jason Weiser from Myths and Legends

Jason Weiser, host and producer of Myths and Legends, joins me to talk about the origin of the show, its growth, and the production process. We talk about Jason's script writing, artwork and the amazing place he started recording the show! Myths and Legends is an absolutely phenomenal show and the story behind it is too!
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Myths and Legends (Website) (Twitter)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

TPD 95 - Sophie Harper from Not By Accident

Sophie Harper, host and producer of Not By Accident is my guest this week! We take a behind the scenes look at her wonderful audio documentary podcast, how many years she has been working on it, how she has put together all of her audio, her goals for the show and what the reception has been like.  Not By Accident is an eye-opening, ultra personal look into a journey that will have an appeal to many different people and I encourage you to go back to Episode 1 and catch up now!
Not by Accident (Website) (Twitter)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

TPD 94 - Pods and Palmer

Agent Palmer, podcast super fan and producer, geek blogger, and all around awesome guy joins me to talk about his work with various independent shows, his writing for his site, the site's design and of course, to recommend great shows!
For the discussion topic, Palmer and I tackle the important role of social media and podcasting. Then we present two awesome shows each we think all of you will love!
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

TPD 93 - Rob Walch from Libsyn

Rob Walch, VP of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn is my guest this week!  We talk about his role at Libsyn, his experiencing launching Podcast 411, the huge growth of his current show Today in iOS, and the future of podcasting in general!  Rob and I also jump in the importance of attending podcasting conferences and meet ups, building a community and of course, Apple!  And I get a chance to thank Rob directly for maybe the most important tool for me when launching TPD!

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Rob Walch (Twitter)
Lisbyn (Website) (The Feed podcast)
Today in iOS (Website)
Podcast 411 (Website)
Podcast 101 (Ibooks)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

TPD 92 - Amy Westervelt and Julia Ritchey from Range

Amy Westervelt and Julia Ritchey from Range are my guest this week!  We get into their first season, how they determine topics to cover, and the injection of personality into every episode of their show!  Range is about the American West, but the stories will appeal to everyone!  Amy and Julia are great hosts and an excellent interview!  I truly had a blast talking with them!
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Range (Website) (Twitter) (Instagram)
Amy Westervelt (Twitter)
Julia Ritchey (Twitter)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

TPD 91 - Jim Dalrymple from The Loop

Technology journalist Jim Dalrymple is my guest this week! Jim discusses his early career at MacCentral and MacWorld as well as his podcasts like Amplified and The Dalrymple Report.  We touch on advertising, co-hosts, WWDC and of course, Heineken! Jim's podcasts and writing are some of the best out there and it was great to talk to him about all of it!
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Jim Dalrymple (Twitter)
The Loop (Website) (Twitter)
The Dalrymple Report (Website)
Amplified (Website)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

TPD 90 - Bill Barol from HOME: Stories from L.A.

Bill Barol from HOME: Stories from L.A. is my guest this week! Bill tells the story of his previous career from print to television and to his current project with HOME! Now a part of the Boing Boing podcast network, HOME is a show we can all relate to, regardless of where or what you call Home! Bill is just getting started and this is a show you should subscribe to now to see what great things are coming next!
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Bill Barol (Twitter) (Website)
Home: Stories from L.A. (Twitter) (Website)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

TPD 89 - Jonathan Mitchell from The Truth

Jonathan Mitchell from The Truth joins me to talk about his history in music, audio production and story telling!  Hear how Jonathan's experience came together to create one of the most uniquely crafted, expertly produced and completely enthralling productions of the Radiotopia family of shows!  Jonathan and I also dig into what might be my very favorite episode of any show!
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Jonathan's articles of (Using Music) (Modern Radio Dramas)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

TPD 88 - Dan Franks from Podcast Movement

Dan Franks, one of the co-founders of Podcast Movement is my guest this week!  We talk about the 'origin story' of the biggest, national podcaster convention in the U.S.! I ask Dan about how putting together the first year was, and the evolution of the conference over the last 3 years! Since the recording of this episode, I've finalized my plans to attend PM16 this year and hope that everyone considers joining me!
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Dan Franks (Website) (Twitter)
Podcast Movement (Website) (Twitter)
Midroll Media (Website) (Twitter)
Men Without Tomahawks (Website) (Twitter)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

TPD 87 - Jonathan Mann from Songonauts and Song A Day

Jonathan Mann has written, recorded and released a new song to the Internet everyday since January 1, 2009!  Jonathan's work as been featured on CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Time and more! And now he joins me on TPD! We talk about the origins of Song A Day before launching into an exciting new podcast series Jonathan has co-created with Jonathan Mitchell and the team from The Truth. The first episode is out now, and Jonathan and I talk about the how this idea got started, the production process and how this is a different experience than Song A Day.  Make sure you check out all of Jonathan's work at the links below.
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

TPD 86 - Jakob Lewis from Neighbors and The Heard

Jakob Lewis from Neighbors and The Heard joins me to talk about his podcasting journey! From cabinet making to storytelling workshops to public radio, Jakob gives us a great 'behind the scenes' look at how he has taken his idea for a show to a member of Nashville Public Radio and a founding member of the audio collective, The Heard.  Neighbors is an excellent show, and it comes with my highest recommendation!
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Neighbors (Website) (Twitter)
The Heard (Website) (Twitter)
Nashville Public Radio - WPLN (Website) (Twitter)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

TPD 85 - Talkin' Pods with Ray Loflin from Couple Things Podcast

Ray Loflin from Couple Things Podcast joined me this week for a long overdue podcast recommendations episode!  Ray and I tell you about two of our favorite shows each that you should be listening to!  But first, during our discussion topic, we dive into the world of NPR and podcasting and how we feel iTunes could handle both types of shows better!
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Ray Loflin (Twitter) Couple Things Podcast (Twitter) (Website)
NPR Ombudsmen, Elizabeth Jensen, writes about NPR and podcast promotion (Website)


The Memory Palace (Website) (Twitter)

Skepticrat (Website) (Twitter)

I Was There Too (Website) (Twitter)  Matt Gourley (Twitter)

Story and Star Wars (Website)   Alastair Stephes (Twitter)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

TPD 84 - Scott Holden from Thatman on Fatman

Scott Holden from Thatman on Fatman joined me this week to talk about how he became a Kevin Smith super fan, got into podcasting, what it was like to interview Kevin and how he's taking this all to the next level with the filming and production of his first ever documentary - on podcasting! Scott is a blast to talk to and inspiration for all independent podcasters looking to follow their dreams!  Seriously, you're going to love this conversation! (especially if you love Kevin Smith, Clerks or Mallrats!)
Also, thanks to the recent $5+/month Patreon supporters! Ray Lofflin from Couple Things Podcast (Twitter, Website), and Jules Wang from Pocketnow Weekly (Twitter, Website)! If you want to support TPD - click here!

Episode Links
Scott Holden (Facebook)
Thatman on Fatman (Twitter) (Facebook) (Website) (Instagram) (YouTube)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

TPD 83 - The Kitchen Sisters from Fugitive Waves and Radiotopia

The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) joined me this week to talk about their amazing careers in radio and podcasting! Davia and Nikki tell me about how it all started, how things have changed and some great 'behind-the-scenes' stories about what it takes to put together some of the amazing stories and series that they have produced!  An eye-opening discussion that you're sure to enjoy!
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Fugitive Waves (Website)
Radiotopia (Website) (Twitter)